Cleansing Tea

I felt a bit yuck this morning. Most likely its from eating junk food last night. The lymph glands in my neck are slightly swollen and have a faint, dull ache, and my head feels a bit ‘fuzzy’ (like it does when I am coming down with a cold). So, I made a herbal tea, with herbs picked fresh from the garden. As my medicinal herb garden is brand new, all my plants are babies, so this is a rare luxury at the moment.

I chose a base of chamomile flowers, with leaves of yarrow, white sage, lemon balm, basil, mint, sheep sorrel, rose geranium, and a pinch of (store-bought) licorice root for sweetness.

It’s a lovely delicate fragrant blend, and I can feel it doing me good already!


(the following herbs have other actions as well, I am just listing the ones relevant to this tea)

chamomile; carminative, digestive, stomachic, tonic

yarrow; blood cleanser

white sage; cleanser

lemon balm; carminative, stomachic, tonic

basil; just because I have a lot of it and I love it

mint; carminative, digestive, tonic

sheep sorrel; blood cleanser, immune booster, tonic

rose geranium; digestive, and I love the fragrance

licorice; demulcent, tonic, stomachic


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