More new cacti!!

So, I bought a couple of plants from a little old lady yesterday. She didn’t know what species they were, and I’m not sure either. They are in pretty bad shape. I’m really hoping that a cactus nerd will just stumble across my blog today and give me some advice on what these cacti are and how I can help them.

This one is my favourite. I’m hoping it will makeĀ a really nice column for my new cacti garden. It looks pretty sick, and is quite soft and spongy to the touch. It was buried at the back of a pile of old plant pots, so I think it is sun deprived and dehydrated. I don’t know what the brown splotches are. I think it may be a Trichocereus. What do you think?

IMG_3305 IMG_3309 IMG_3310 IMG_3312 IMG_3313 IMG_3307 IMG_3308 IMG_3315 IMG_3306


This one is pretty cool also, though it is waterlogged and was in the shade. I don’t know what species it is. Any suggestions?

IMG_3321 IMG_3324 IMG_3326 IMG_3325 IMG_3323 IMG_3322


These are ones I didn’t really want, but she made me take them. An Opuntia something, and what I suspect may be a Euphorb.

IMG_3317 IMG_3327 IMG_3316


Oh yeah, and this poor baby…


Any help with i.d. or with how to help them back to health would be immensely appreciated!